Empowering Patients to Reduce the Burden of Chronic Conditions

Low Back Pain

of people suffer from low back pain, at least once in their lives.

Annual Healthcare Expenses

United States

$90 billion

It is the


cause of disability.

Annual Costs of Lost of Productivity

United States

$70 billion

Our solution

A biofeedback device to effectively train and monitor patients to reduce the incidence of chronic low back pain.

At the clinic

Our device assists physicians to:

  • Diagnose patients with low back pain
  • Establish personalized vidence-based threatment plans
  • Control the correct realization of the exercises
  • Validate the effectiveness of the treatment


At home

Our device empowers pateints by:

  • Reminding them of their exercises
  • Keeping them motivated
  • Guiding them through their exercises
  • Correcting them when necessary
  • Rewarding them for their adherence and efforts

It allows physicians to:

  • Remotly monitor patients' adherence to treatment
  • Refin the treatment plan as needed
  • Plan in patient visists as necessary

At the workplace

Worn by employees, our device can reduce the incidence of low back pain at work by:

  • Identifying behaviors and tasks which can induce low back pain
  • Recommanding adapted trainings for the employees and changes in work environments
  • Control that the decrease of the risks after the implementation of changes


Scoliosis is a tri-dimensional deformation of the spine affecting more than 150 million people in the world. It impaires patients' quality of life as it is associated with pain and a reduction of mobility, breathing capacity and self esteem. Current treatments for progressed scoliosis include the daily wear of a brace and sometimes surgery. These treatments are traumatic and painfull for patients and their families and are expensive.

Physical Therapy

Specific physical exercises are used to  strengthen and stabilize the spine, reduce the progression of scoliosis, and thus the need for braces and surgeries or improve their effectiveness when inevitable

However, to be effective, the treatment must be personalized and patients must correctly complete frequent physical exercices alone at home.

Our solution

A biofeedback device increasing the efficacy, safety and accessibility of physical therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with scoliosis and limit the burden of bracing and surgeries.

For Physicians

For Patients


Our system helps therapists select exercises tailored to patients' needs and condition to develop effective and safe treatment plans.


Patients' activities and progress are tracked and shared with therapists to refine treatment as necessary.


Patients' adherence to treatment is guaranteed, increasing the efficacy of the therapy.


Patients are educated and motivated to acheive their best potential.


Patients are guided and trained to correctly and safely complete all their exercises at home.


A users' community brings emotional support, improving treatment efficacy and patients' quality of life.

Our Team

"We are very proud to work on the development of patient-centric solutions to give everyone access to the best available care."

Estelle Garcia

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Eleonora Pinto

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