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Scoliosis is a tri-dimensional deformation of the spine affecting about 2.5% of the population, therefore more than 150 million people in the world.

It impaires patients quality of life as it is associated with pain and a reduction of mobility, breathing capacity and self esteem.

Current treatments

Current treatments for progressed scoliosis include the daily wear of a brace and sometimes going through surgery.

These treatments are traumatic and painfull for patients and their families and are associated with high costs.

Physical Therapy

Used as an early treatment for scoliosis. physical therapy allows to  strengthen and stabilize the spine, reduce the progression rate of scoliosis and thus the need for braces and surgeries and even often completely correct the deformations of the spine

However, to be efficient, the treatment must be personalized and patients must correctly execute daily physical exercices alone at home.

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Our solution

We are developping a biofeedback device to increase the efficacy, safety and accessibility of physical therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with scoliosis and limit the burden of bracing and surgeries on patients and their families.


Our system helps therapists select the best exercises for each patient to develop the most effective and the safest treatment plans.


Our system guarantees patients adherence to daily physical exercises, increasing the efficacy of physical therapy.


Our system provides valuable guidance to patients to help them correctly and safely complete their daily exercises alone at home.


Our system controls that the daily exercises are corretly achieved. If it is not the case, patients will be corrected untill compliance to requirements is acheived.


Our system tracks patients performances and progress and shares the data with therapists to help refine the treatment when necessary.


Our system brings emotional support to patients by granting them access to its community of users.


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